Best height for tables to suit all browsers please help

Hello Everyone,

I decided to use table for the structure for my web pages until I understand more about css style. I know the width for all browser size is 100% well I hope it is but what is the best height to suit all browsers.

Thanks everyone

Helen :blush:

The TABLE element height is as long as a piece of string; since they don’t have heights, it should be determined by it’s ‘table data cell’ contents, etc. Theoretically it would be 100% if you were trying to make it fill the browser window but this is really the realm of a little CSS.

[FONT=Verdana]The usual plan is not to have a height set, but to allow the design to stretch as far as it needs to vertically in order to contain the contents. That way, it doesn’t matter if you have more text on one page, or if someone has a bigger font size set on their browser. If you try to constrain the height, you’re in danger of making a page that breaks badly as soon as it leaves your computer.

If you absolutely have to use layout tables (and I really don’t recommend it, they’ve been outdated for 10 years), you could set a min-height:100% if you want to ensure that the design does fill the screen instead of stopping half-way down if it’s only got a small amount of content.[/FONT]

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Steve D I like the idea of having height 100% it’s a small website. I prefer to use tables for the moment because I am new with website design and feel table give me the control I need. I have no idea how to do .css style it’s too advance for me so starting from scratch then I can work my way to the top. I am learning .css at the moment everything seems complicated but I know one day I will be able to codes in that style easier.



Realistically, the height of the table should not matter. Everyone scrolls vertically on their browsers. You should limit the width though as no one wants to scroll side ways (horizontally).

Thank you for your advice appreciate it.