Best hardware for a GPS dog tracker? General questions

I found this thread talking about a similar thing I want to build. I was looking at prices online for a dog tracker (has GPS, connects to an app, etc)…and it’s astoundingly high. So I thought I’d try doing something myself. I did notice, however, that this is from 2013, but the website still seems like it’d be great for me.

I guess I want to know if anyone has any opinions on my best route? My first step is to lay out what I want, and grab figure out what hardware fits my needs? This is an entirely new field for me.

I think you should investigate the following IOT devices which most are doggy compatible. Try the small devices that require a SIM card which has a global range whereas Bluetooth is limited to a physical maximum range of about 800 yards and usually only works within about 20 yards.

If and only if there is local coverage another alternative is to use the following:

I have been using TheThingsNetwork temperature and humidity Sensor for the past year and connect to my website with my mobile. The readings are updated every 30 minutes. I was most disappointed when I traveled around Bangkok with the Sensor in my shirt pocket and could not connect to another Gateway. Once I returned to my 19th floor apartment I was once again immediately connected.

A friend in UK, who gave me the Sensor has crowd funded nearly 50,000 USD. About 200 Contributors will receive a programmable and very small PCB that will be launched from a rocket into Low Earth Orbit, early next year. GPS and other micro devices can be fitted to the PCB all of which connect to earth bound TheThingsNetwork about 500 miles away!

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Thank you. I did more investigation and came across this - with an update being provided in 2017.

That sounds cool! :slight_smile: .


This seems good too? Also provides links to get the hardware.

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As far as keeping track of your dog is concerned then I think that both the Arduino and the RaspberryPi are far too big to be strapped onto the dog.

The Walmart link I supplied appears to provide Sensors which are coin sized and could easily be attached to a dog collar.

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It’s not going to be just a tracker though, so the GPS’s you linked from walmart might not be enough for me.

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When you have a Sensor and running let me know and you could add it to my site.

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I am away from home at the moment on a temperamental tablet and can not view the video.

But I use a nodemcu GPs and an sd card to record a route and upload It to the web - I know this is not what you want and the unit is quite big.

Anyway the point of this post is Arduino have a new range of modules now ( mkr ) which may make the linked to video device smaller.

Edit: I bought the tracker away with me but keep forgetting to use it !!!

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