Best Groupon / Group Buying script


Maybe I’m missing something, but can someone recommend a really solid Groupon clone or hosted group buying platform?

Thank you

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Is Groupon even still a thing?

Looks like I’m not the only one looking for a groupon script.
There are only a handful of them still available, but most of them are awful.

If someone is using one specifically and can recommend, please do so.

Thank you

They were looking. There haven’t been any Groupon related discussions for three years. hence my

It looks like there was some success with the original
Others tried to get in on it
The niche became saturated
Sites depended on SPAMming to keep in the race
Interest faded away

I have a niche that I’d like to concentrate on and I think the groupon model will work well. If anyone knows of a well working script, please let me know

To avoid any suggestions for ones you have already looked at and decided against, which have you eliminated as possible choices?

To save you the trouble of reading the other topics I linked to, I’ve compiled a list so you can look into any you haven’t already

  • GroupDeal - Agriya
  • Ndot
  • socialmodules
  • gripsell
  • wroupon
  • massivecoupon
  • Couponic
  • groupscript
  • joomabc
  • revou
  • grouponclone

* they’re old so some may now be moot

I’ve eliminated all of them from the list above. Unless people have live sites that I can see, I don’t find any of them attractive.

I guess there are no such thing as a good groupon clone.
Any alternatives? Most of these groupon clones don’t have any idea of what a merchant panel should look like. The merchant panels on these groupon clones are awful.

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