Best free tool to find virtal topic for my social media post

I am trying my level best to make people share my post but I can’t, please help me what to do

You can’t make people share your content if they don’t want to.

Perhaps you’re concentrating too much on what you want to get out of social media, and not enough on what you’re putting into it? Social media is meant to be social. You need to think about your audience and try to post things you think might interest them, without worrying about how likely they are to share it. When they find something they feel is worth sharing, they’ll do so. If they start to feel you’re only trying to use them for promotion, then the chances are they’ll lose interest in your posts.

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You can try ahrefs and keywordtool )

You can try Ahrefs paid, Google Keyword planner, Google Trends, or other tools like SEM Rush, Moz

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