Best *free* (or very very low cost) GUI web design program?


I have been using Dreamweaver CS4 for years… but it will no longer run on my Windows 7 64bit computer for some reason. I called Adobe, and they told me they won’t support the software any more, and I am “out of luck” unless I want to re-format my computer and re-install Windows 7 to try and make it work.

No thanks.

So… I used Dreamweaver maybe a dozen times per year. I’m not a web designer, but I am a PHP programmer… and sometimes it is nice to open a web page I’m working on to see what the design looks like, how to do the code for some particular element, etc…

I would like to be able to continue doing this… but obviously not with Dreamweaver.

Can you recommend a decent free or very low-cost software that does basic GUI web design and html coding?


KompoZer - Easy web authoring

Hmm. I haven’t played with Kompozer in eons, so I can’t say for that one. Crimson Editor and its progeny Emerald Editor come highly recommended by some folks in these parts.

Edit: I might be misremembering, Crimson/Emerald Editor might not provide previews. But that’s what your browser’s for anyway. :slight_smile:

GUI + WEB Design + Best???

Pick only two…

Actually scratch that, the moment “GUI” + web anything is involved, it’s usually garbage – at least if you mean a WYSIWYG.

Go get a flat text editor – crimson, win32pad, notepad++, editplus – install the various browsers. You want to see what it looks like, there’s this miraculous combination of keystrokes called “Alt Tab, F5” that works way better than any half-assed “preview panel”.

Of course if you’re a php programmer you should have MORE than enough decent editors in place to deal with writing some HTML. If it’s a matter of testing your php, sql, etc, that’s where a local server like XAMPP can fill the gap really well.