Best Free Online Courses for html & css?

Hi - I need to hire a tech intern who’s willing to learn html + css online in his/her own time. Please can you suggest the best free courses in each?

thanks! - Val

Hi Val,
I’ll post some links for you. They won’t all be courses but they will be reliable sources.

The first step is to learn html, without a knowledge of html, css is meaningless. One has to be familiar with html elements before they can write css selectors to style those elements.

Let’s start with the W3C, that is the standard everyone should be going by. It is not a course but it is the source of all current standards.


World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
HTML Current Status - W3C
CSS Current Status - W3C

Next is another one of my favorite resources, MDN, Mozilla Developer Network.


Introduction to HTML - Web developer guides | MDN
Getting started with CSS - Web developer guides | MDN

Beginners Guides

HTML Beginner Tutorial | HTML Dog
CSS Basics – Learn the basics of CSS

Online Interactive Guides

Learn to code | Codecademy
HTML Basics | Codecademy
Learn HTML & CSS: Part I | Codecademy
[First Website Using HTML and CSS | Codecademy]

The best way to learn is to open up a text editor and start writing your own code. The best way to learn to correct mistakes is to fix the ones you made. Then you will retain that knowledge. Reading through tutorials is not enough but you do have to do some reading to know where to start.

I googled “How to build a Website” about ten years ago and I’m still learning. :slight_smile:


thank you Ray! This is perfect :slight_smile:

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