Best Free Editors?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what are the best free web editors out there? I am looking to create HTML, CSS, JS (inc. jQuery), PHP files and the following features would be helpful:

  • Good Syntax highlighting
  • Auto complete functionality
  • Good FTP (although not required)
  • Ability to create different documents like .php or .css
  • Ability to preview files (execute them in browsers)

I am used to Dreamweaver as you can probably tell but I need one to install on a laptop!

EDIT: Btw I am not interested in any WYSIWIG functionality

I hear notepad++ is good but i’ve never used it. its the only free text editor that comes to mind with most of what you’re looking for Notepad++ | 5.9

I personally use editpad pro but that’s not free but it also doesn’t have the ability to preview your work and I don’t think notepad++ does either unless one of the plug-ins would give it that type of functionality.

Notepad++, definitely, though PSPad and Vi have their proponents in these threads. Deathshadow makes a powerful case for Crimson Editor.

OK thanks thats 2 votes for Notepad ++ so i’m downloading it as we speak, hopefully it does the trick!

Notepad ++ FTW!

I have always liked jEdit!

Another vote for Notepad++, be sure to checkout the settings before starting, as you can set the auto complete options, directory which it opens files from by default and the style configurator to change colors and have other enhancements.

It also comes with a good range of plugins.


doesn’t do FTP. Luckily, FTP does FTP.
Better yet, SFTP does SFTP.