Best framework to develop a tutorial website for c++ lang

I am a complete newbie wanting to create a website for high school and lower students to learn c++ .What framework would be the best . the website may not be more than 200 pages . I want to use HTML CSS JAVASCIPT and SQL for sure. Any other framework or lang i am willing to learn.Please tell me the best approach (i want to use amazon aws as its cheap(any other advice is welcome)) and time required to build the website. Also i need to execute the codes that the users write so how to get that going without risking security.

A tutorial website sounds like a simple content site (like a blog, for example). Your simplest option is probably a free site builder such as To let users execute their own code, I’d send them to Repl, or embed it in your own page.

Thank you but I would like to build the website on my own . I want to learn from this. I was confused about using Laravel or could you please help me with that .
Thanks again

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