Best forum software to integrate ads with AND work well on mobiles?

Hi guys,

What’s the best forum software that you can integrate ads with on AND will work well on mobile devices? Also, I want it to be good with SEO. Thank you for your help.


I think Vbulletin will gonna fit with that requirements. :smiley:

vBulleting is the best, but if you dont want to buy it, you can always use SMachines Forum software, its a good alternative, but of course, you can`t expect it o perform like VB.

As said before, you probably arent going to beat vBulletin for functionality, support, and overall goodness. But, a couple more alternatives are:


Each of these has their own strengths and their own learning curves. Xenforo and ipb are paid, whereas phpbb and mybb are free. All of them support templates and could do mobile with mobile advertising.

Just giving you other options to look at.

You can try Xenforo. Latest version 1.1.2 is stable and intergration with all mobile devices, so you just put your ads inside and everything should be ok.

phpbb is the best for this. maintenance is easy.