Best forum ever (Alcohol invovled)

I have been apart of many forums, most have a 20% rate of dick heads trying to make you feel like a complete moron. I am basically saying thank you sitepoint and members for having such a awesome group.

I am a bit drunk atm but this forum by far is the most valuable, I have already learned much more from this forum then most books do.

P.S Thanks members!!! Bit drunk but I like this place!.

Haha, love it. Nothing wrong with a boozy post every now and then!

Thanks – I’m glad you like it here. We work really hard to make sure that this place is welcoming. No one likes a dick head!

That only makes sense because you said you were drunk. :smiley:

I think this post deserves a prize!

Guys, I will not lie! I registered in many forums, but the first time sorry!!
Why did not I found you sooner! XML rules! :rofl:

I know exactly what you mean, brother.

Not only is this a great forum, but it’s as active as ever in this age of “social” media. Most of the forums I’ve visited in the past 5 years have shriveled into dust. Not this one. I need to come back more.

Now that’s a great idea :smiley:
Hope to see you around!

The equidna is back!

How’ve you been?

I should put that on my resume! Great to see you back. :slight_smile:

I’ve been mourning the loss of forums internet-wide and I realized that I accidentally deleted my shortcut to this place… an error that will not recur… it’s cooler than penguin poo to see things still hopping here…

haha ya, that makes no sense at all. I forgot I even made this thread. Pretty rough morning after that night.

Well, I can’t say myself than a penguin poo is cool as I haven’t seen any myself but definately it is good that we have this great image.

I can see that you’re still getting milked :lol:

It is great to see you around and even better that you didn’t forget about us (at least, not completely) :slight_smile:

No! Really? I can’t believe it! :lol:

) I bet it was but you look fully recovered now :smiley:


Maybe I can help, @molona. :slight_smile:

Dunno about cool, but I think it’s quite artistic … :lol:[/ot]

Off Topic:

You know? I was thinking about something completely different. That penguin is really cool :slight_smile:


Thank you - I like him (or her?) too. I have an even better picture of that penguin - but it wasn’t nearly as good of the poo. :D[/ot]

Hahaha! Well it really make sense Bro!

Imagery followed up by visual… that’s why I came back here… welcome back! (to myself) Great to see everyone… and yes, Molona, I’m still getting milked like always…:lol:

I can still do that! I mean that I can welcome you back to the forums… :slight_smile: