Best Font and Format for Proposal

Any recomendationson the best font and format to use for a web desing proposal? Examples are welcomed.

I use arial font for my proposals. It’s easy for me to read, so I assume it is for others as well.

It depends what sort of image you are trying to portray for yourself.

Seriffed fonts such as Times New Roman look best in print, in my opinion.

Sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica look somewhat more modern, and can be good if you are going for a certain look.

If you have only the standard fonts that come with Microsoft products, then the only two fonts that would be suitable would be Arial and Times New Roman. I would stick to these. Actually, I don’t really like Arial all that much, and I use a different Helvetica-like font for sans-serif.

Don’t deviate from these basic fonts too much.

12 points is a good font size. 1.5" margins on the left and right of the page is good. Use line spacing of 1 1/2 to 2.

For seriffed fonts, indent the first line of each new paragraph. For sans-serif fonts, separate each paragraph with some blank space, and indent the paragraphs more than the headings. Actually, that’s really just my personal preference. Do what you like.

Every company should have their graphic ‘instructions’ decided. If there are no graphic makers on the house then one should consult an advertising agency or that sort of help. The exact size and the aligments of the logo, how to use it in proposals, letters, business cards etc. The exact colours of the logos, fonts, the font types, sizes etc. Your own website should of course follow those guidelines too.

Then it’s easy to write proposals or any other business letters because you have ready-2-use docs which look always the same. It looks very unprofessional if you send different type of proposals or letters every time, change font types, some docs have your logo and some docs don’t and so on.


What mmj said

I’ll just add that serif fonts (e.g. TNR) are generally regarded as being easier to read for large blocks of text, as the serifs allow your eye to more easily follow the line.

Sans serif fonts (e.g. Arial) are often used as headers etc, even in documents that use serif fonts. The reason is that they look “cleaner” and stand out more.


I think dtracker is trying to figure out what fonts that he wants to use and things now so that he wont have those problems that you mentioned. Once you have one proposal written in a format that you like, its not hard to go back and change company names, addresses, dates, and then the actual proposal text. He is looking to get that format down now before he starts and runs into problems like you mentioned.

I don’t remember where I read it, but somewhere I read that Verdana is the easiest font to read, according to some study. Serif fonts are easier to read for large text blocks, though, as was brought out before.

I tend to use bold Arial for my headings and 10pt Verdana for the body. I don’t do too many proposals, though… At any rate, the proposal kit is pretty good. (I think someone linked to it above.) It makes things much easier.