Best Email Software For Dynamic Content

We have an event listing website and wish to send newsletters to our subscribers with events in their area. Meaning each newsletter needs to go to a database and pull in data for each email that is sent.

Since the event data is not part of the subscriber record we cannot really use “merge tags” as offered by some email marketing providers.

Is there a hosted or even server based software package anyone would recommend?

Thank you


mailchimp maybe? what most ppl use.

mailchimp is great :slight_smile:

It’s good when the data can be stored in the subscriber record but not when the data is in another table. That is my issues. The data we are dealing with is event data like concerts, etc. Which always changes of course.

The system we are looking for is needing to have the ability to go into a table and get data

Not sure exactly what you mean by tables, but it sounds like you might want more advanced email marketing software with data integration.

You may want to check out companies like and