Best email newsletter program?


I hope that I write in the suitable forum.

I looking email newsletter program.
My budget is $100-$150.
I found group-mail. com, my budget is for the most cheaper version (99 Euro) and I do not know whether it will be goods.
I found also this desktopemailer. net and this sendblaster. com.

Can you recommend me some programs?
Maybe you use good program?

Thank You

I’ve used mailist controller - - in the past and found it to be really good. Very similar to group mail.

Thank You.
I have question, there is two version, for USA and for Europe, Europe version is with 19% tax.
I am from Europe, I must buy Europe version? has been around for years. Its solid, reliable and full of features - oh, and it’s free!

I guess officially you should pay the tax but I’m not sure what would happen if you didn’t.

DaDa Mail is a program you host yourself. I’ve always had problems with it but if you want to host something on your server than check it out. It’s also worthwhile checking out phpplist as well.

I’d higly recommend CampaignMonitor (.com) … they’re specifically made for designers in mind - its $5 + .01 for every recipient (free under 5 recipients).

I use them for everything from payment reminders to large email blasts. Its really good if you’re looking to offer it as a service to your clients as well.

Do you have you email list? or you asking that you only have newsletter and want to use their email list liberary…

If you have your own email list and looking for a programme only then I can help you,
I have email news latter programme with lots of function…
And I can give it to you free of cost…
If you are interested then just PM me…

[B]Sellwide Follow UP Mailing Processor[/B], really good, and even better for only 60 bucks, it is from russian developer, europe, so it might help you.

Newsletter Ease is the one, they give 30 days free trial. I never use them before, but you can make a trial.

We use for our clients and in house email marketing…I could have mentioned some of our clients who do email marketing with us…but we respect their privacy…
Just try the software for 1 month and you would be satisified…!

I would recommend trying Omnistar Mailer you only pay a one time fee

Aweber or Campaign Monitor are great programs but don’t have a one time cost

I’ve used 12all as well. Quite a slick application…but it looks like their prices have changed since the last time I purchased it, so it would fall far outside your budget, unfortunately. :frowning: