Best editor for php in the world?

best editor for php in the world?

best in what sense?

if you mean best as in most readily available free then notepad is best.

If you want a free editor, check out Netbeans.

In the event your willing to pay a license fee, give PHPStorm a try and you will never look back :wink:

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I use simple ol notepad++… works a charm with xdebug (though i rarely use that).

It could do with some more advanced features that a normal IDE carries but I can live with it as-is. Besides, I’ve got used to the limitations now and actually in a weird way rather like it.

If you are able to buy a licensed version of sublime, that would be best but not sure what is your actual requirement for a best tool.

Sometimes the best IDE is the one you are most familiar with.

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Well, I’m more familiar with Netbeans and it gives me number of options for the development and share my codes with my team on the cloud and git.

You can use Notepade++ . It s very good and simple.

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