Best ecommerce platform for annual plant sale

Hi, I am working with a garden group that holds a yearly plant sale fundraiser. This year they want to try an online plant sale. Does anyone have experience with Ecwid, Shopify, or Square? I am trying to decide which platform would work best for our needs. We do have an existing Wordpress website we use for garden club news, etc.

Need one that:

  • allows for a large inventory of plants,
  • be able to upload plants with an excel spreadsheet,
  • individuals will only be able to pick up items locally (or possibly have them delivered by volunteers).
    No online shipping involved. Need to be able to schedule pick up times and dates.

Since this is a once a year sale, it doesn’t really fit into a regular eCommerce box. Ecwid says there are no transaction fees, but I am wondering if I am missing something there. Not sure how that works as they are the only ones that mention that.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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