Best drag and drop html editor?


Does anyone knows drag and drop best html editor like we can drag tables/images…etc and create webpage in minutes ? if you know them please list them here.

Ha ha, tools like that are not so popular in coding forums, as they create pretty awful code. :slight_smile:

You could try something like Dreamweaver, but you might be better off using something simpler, like Yola. That allows you to build a free site with drag and drop.

I’m sure Frontpage does that, although the equivilant of that is basically dead rat mean, as apposed to tender juicy steak (coding via HTML/CSS).

Why do you need drag and drop? Creating a website in minutes is probably a bad idea. From every standpoint except time.

If you’re not coding it by hand, it’s going to be an inaccessible, bloated mess.

That’s a good general rule for web development.

You might like to look at Coffee Cup’s products. They have a WYSIWYG editor that also supports hand-coding. I don’t use it myself because … well, I’m just not a WYSIWYG sort of person. But it seems to be quite a nice product.


Spot on. Real web development is all about the user experience. I haven’t seen one single WYSIWYG editor which produces anything even close to optimised HTML/CSS code.

If you refer to HTML text or WYSIWYG editor, try ckeditor. It is pretty easy to include and very popular

I agree. But to be fair, that’s not the purpose of a WYSIWYG editor. These are tools aimed at non-coders - people who just want to get a quick website up and running. That’s a perfectly legitimate goal. Although “real” web developers generally don’t use these tools, they do have a useful role to play.


Is there anybody out there who is familiar with Xara? I took a look at their website and checked couple of websites made with Xara and I was wondering if anyone can give me an honest review about Xara

The whole ‘hand written’ mantra is a bit tedious, even if it is pretty much always correct. Nonetheless, unfortunately it’s become a self-flagellation ritual for code snobs.

User experience is in no way connected to optimised hand written code.

It’s possible to have fantastic, streamlined, enjoyable and intuitive interfaces and experiences that have impenetrable spaghetti code behind the hood.

It’s also possible that the most cleanest, zen perfect code, written one character at a time in emacs, while sitting cross legged chanting linux man entries and all the while with one hand reverentially placed on a copy of css mastery, that turn out as awful ‘designed by a programmer’ ui, and aesthetic car-crashes.

Should we should abandon photoshop and edit images one pixel at a time, stoically typing in millions of rgb values, or abandon protools and create edit lists of audio in a text editor, plotting a waveform sample by sample? There’s nothing inherently wrong with abstracting an arduous and technical process to a visual, easily manipulated and intuitive hands on process.

Why something as extremely simple (relative to many of the wonders modern computing science and maths can solve) as aligning a few boxes with some text in them, and boiling this down to a handful of sensible, semantically correct descriptive language, has proven so difficult to the likes of Adobe is a real mystery.

I’m not disputing that at all, I was just saying how immature the technology still is. For instance, none of the “visual editors” in content management systems, actually work well. For that reason, I always recommend to all my clients they learn to use Markdown. It’s so much easier to work with and takes all of 10 minutes to learn.

But back to the topic on hand; is a web designer who can’t produce valid HTML and CSS a web designer or just a graphic designer? It’s an interesting question and one that gets asked a lot.

:lol: what EastCoast said. If someone could create a drag-and-drop Web development tool that produced clean, semantically accurate and valid code, they may or may not make a fortune, but they’d certainly impress a lot of people.

I addressed that question not too long ago… Not including this to blow my own horn, but to share some of the great quotes and comments from that article and the discussion it sparked.

This will be out soon and looks amazing! Make sure to view the demo video at

Thanks everyone.

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