Best design tweet of the day

[URL=“”]Maybe the week.

Soon we’ll realize that packaging digital content like a magazine is like saving MP3s onto vinyl: Pointless. – Dale Cruse via Zeldman

Got some design-based tweets worth sharing, or a comment on this one?

Too bad he hasn’t given an example. Black Max, do you have an example where you feel Zeldman’s critique could be applied to?

This is an example of a site that mimicks a classic print layout. It works for me, however.

Think how many digital publications try to capture the look and feel of a print publication, and in the process reduce usability and fail to take advantage of the strengths of digital information displays. Half the newspaper Web sites out there are guilty of this, as are plenty of webzines and such.

Wow, Kohoutek, I forgot about this thread. :blush:

Oh, sweet article. Thanks, Alex!

And now that I’ve read it, I’m actually not sure whether I agree. In some instances, yes, but I wouldn’t make that an absolute. ALA comes to mind.

I think the below URL explains the tweet pretty well… and I agree, trying to make the web like print is crazy :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I don’t get it. :blush: What’s he talking about?