Best comprehensive zip code database?

Looking for a comprehensive zip code database that covers the entire world.

Zip codes, longitude, latitude (for radius searches), countries, cities, us states, etc… Been browsing the net for awhile, and hard to tell which one will be the best.

Need it for a website I am building, that will allow you to sign up and select where you live, and I will have a lot of users from around the world. Also need it for the search form, for searching countries, and zip code radius in the US and other countries if possible.

Any ideas?

Well, for starters not every country uses a postal code. (The US is the only one who calls them ‘ZIP’ [Zone Improvement Plan] codes)

A quick Google brings up GeoNames webservice and data download

ya i did some searches and found so many, just want to find out if anyone has gone through this experience and found the best one :slight_smile:

Ah. I must say I have not tried to do this, so my opinion is uneducated in that regard.