Best Commercial/Open Source CMS + Shopping Cart Solution?

Could anyone recommend a good CMS + Shopping Cart solution?

For the benefit of other readers, please specifiy if it’s commercial or open source.

I think Joomla + Oscommerce would be a good one, as with JFusion you can have one or other as ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’, thus integrating the databases.

I’d just like to avoid re-inventing the wheel if there’s something out there, ‘off-the-shelf’, which is free or reasonably-priced.

My ideal: An ‘off the shelf’ Joomla + Oscommerce solution with a good range of inexpensive templates, with Joomla and Oscommerce still being able to be updated separately without breaking the install.

I like these options the most, all open source: 1) Spree Commerce (Rails), 2) Magento (PHP) and 2) Word Press + WP e-Commerce.

I’m not a big fan of OScommerce anymore. It’s a bit messy and aging. Joomla can be OK.

I like Oscommerce becuase of the shipping and payment options. These can be very important. That’s what put me off WP-Ecommerce.

Like, if your client has their own merchant account and they want to connect direct to it …

I’m a fan of Drupal plus the Ubercart set of ecommerce modules for it


Do you have the time to manage an open source shopping cart? Usually if something breaks on the code you will have to fix it yourself.


-Daniel O.

Oh yes, I’m happy to tinker.

My concern is to have something the client can sell with and add articles to.

There are carts and there are CMS. There’s nothing ‘off the shelf’ that does
both to the standard I want.

Drupal is suitable for the purpose.

Nope. There seems to be good carts and good CMS but no CMS addon that incorporates a good range of payment options.

If you just want PayPal, Authorize, 2Checkout and Google Checkout, fine, otherwise …

Many of the ecommerce solutions offer at least rudimentary content management capabilities (Shopify, Spree Commerce, BigCommerce, Magento, etc). This is a situation where you are normally going to find that providers focused on CMS will have superior CMS capabilities. And vice versa with ecommerce.

You can choose jooma, drupal but I recommend joomla is the best because of it’s feature and functionality. So many websites developed by us are doing good business with very less maintenance work

Try CS-Cart it can cover both. Great soft. We have very positive feed back from ALL of our customers.

Try magento it’s flexiblity enables you to create customized shopping carts as per the specific business needs.


Prestashop - user friendly platform with some beatifull themes.

I prefer magento :slight_smile: