Best CMS to manage comments


I am looking for the best CMS to handle comments. I get a lot of comments when I post news, so it would be great to have the best tool to manage the comments.

Any suggestions?

Are you planning to redo your site with a CMS, or do you already have one? There are some simple scripts around that add comments to your otherwise static site, which may be all you need. E.g.

Planning to make a new website using a CMS.

Is it essentially a blog site, or more complex? There are hundreds of options, but some very popular ones include WordPress (blog site) and ExpressionEngine (site with lots of pages and sections).

You can compare it to a small blogg, all I do is posting links at the front page. Gets a lot of comments so would be nice if there were a good way of managing them.

How does it get comments currently?

Modified old-skool guestbook script - don’t laugh. Pain in the ass honestly.

Sounds to me like WordPress would be a good option.