Best CMS platform/option for a specialist review site

Hey guys,

I’m at a bit of a crossroads for a new project I have, and I thought I’d ask for some advice before moving forward with a direction.

I’m looking to build a site that will contain detailed reviews on products (sorted by categories (features, supplier, manufacturer, cost etc) but I also want the user to be able to answer a series of questions that will identify the best matched option for their needs.

Ideally I want the site built around a CMS that can achieve everything with existing plugins, but I can build my own if need be. (call this the worst case option, as this is potentially a low-budget job). The client would need to be able to manage products and the questionnaire.

I’ve had a fair bit of experience building WordPress websites, but I don’t know that that would be the best platform for this job (I like wordpress because it’s the most client friendly interface imo).

I haven’t REALLY worked that much with Joomla or Drupal so I was wondering if either of these might be better suited for this purpose?

Scalability and ease of implementation are my two key factors.

Appreciate the help!

I prefer you to use Wordpress MU. Its an open source CMS platform you can use it easily and manage it how ever you want

You could use Joomla. There are 7000+ extensions for it, so you can find the one for your needs. It is easy to implement, but you might have some problems with scalability.