Best CMS for this site pls?

Hi, i want to build a site like : where i list schools in my locality and possibly blog a little(but not neccessary).
Can Drupal or Joomla do this? Or what programming lang can?
Another example:
Thanks a lot

Oh yeah, Drupal can do that. It’s a pretty rock solid platform for that sort of thing.


Pls do you know what CMS the is using? Or was it build from scratch with so many pages and links?

Like how much can it cost to build something like this? I will need a developer

No, I can’t tell what they’re using for this site. I’m sure it’s a CMS of some sort but I don’t recognize anything in the source to tell me what it is that they are using.

Regarding your question about what it would take to build a site like this, I couldn’t tell you. I do build sites of this scale but it takes time to review the specs of a job like this and typically for a site like this, I receive an RFP (request for proposal) which I’ll review and research and reply with about a 20 - 30 page plan and budget recommendation. It’s pretty involved before we even get the go-ahead.