Best CMS for blogging system (I have a site design to demonstrate)

Hi There,

This is the basic setup I’m trying to achieve:

I’m setting up a site which will enable people to start their own blogs and which will have the option of displaying the latest blog posts (either in full or the first couple of sentences) on the home page. Ideally, it should be possible to enable guest blog posts also.
The usual social networking features ideally need to be available also, such as user profiles, some sort of messaging and/or chat feature etc.
I’ve given elgg a go, which is a great system but displaying whole blog posts on the homepage isn’t possible in the current build.

I look forward to your suggestions…


I do think you could work with the code a little to show the whole post in elgg. It doesn’t sound too tricky.

Buddypress should offer this as well I would imagine -

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll have a look at working a little more with elgg as you suggest. I’ve got a few users registered already so it would probably be a bit of a headache moving to another platform anyway.
Thanks again.