Best CMS for back-end accessibility?

Hey guys, again, I’m not sure if this is the right forum… please move as you see fit.

I’m working on a site for an organization of blind individuals. Obviously, they want a CMS with an accessible back-end. I am not blind, and I’ve never had to develop a blind accessible back-end. I’ve tried to do research but my efforts have been fruitless.

I was thinking just using wordpress and modifying the admin panel so that only necessary functions were displayed and uploading images would only allow you to change title, alt, and link options. Does this sound like a good option? Do you recommend any other CMSs? Has anyone had any experience with Papoo? What about Plone?


I have been using this cms for awhile now. It offers some similar features to Joomla but has built in security from the beginning. It also has a large number of languages and extensions. Templates are css based and that means flexibility.

Have a look at

I think Wordpress is pretty accessible though to what extent not entirely sure to be honest. Have you checked for any Wordpress plug-in’s which improve accessibility as I’m sure this question must have appeared in the past? I would bet that (if required) you could fairly simply make minor changes if required to increase the accessibility levels from within the product (firing it up against WCAG and possibly ARIA). Though perhaps that’s additional work on your side to take into account.

If you’re willing to pay, I’d bet this solution would do the job well:

Good fine! Pity it’s only a Page based system!

As a CMS i believe Wordpress is quite handy and feature rich. I also like it better over Joomla etc for being less complex , Plone i believe is much high end.
I doubt you would find relatively well known CMS having blind specific features.

I suggest doing some background work and look at as many CMS’s as you can, there’s nice list at - if you can get someone from the organisation to help you test them to see which one(s) are suitable for them.