Best chart library for my web app

Hi all. I’m building a php web app using laravel and I’m trying to work out which library/plugin to use to show statistics via some attractive charts.

The stats I want to show are a combination of visitor metrics which could be sourced from analytics, plus a few internal statistics relating to the functioning of the web app. The charts also need to show a geo map.

Google Charts is standing out to me as it has a geo map option which other libraries seem to lack, plus from what I can tell it can integrate quite seamlessly with google analytics.

Would people agree this s a good route to go, or are there other options out there, even including other alternatives to track metrics than analytics. Be good to get people’s thoughts before I spend ages going down the wrong rabbit hole.

Thanks again!

I have not tried Google Charts so cannot compare, but one I have used in the past is Highcharts. It is JS based but you can feed it data from PHP/SQL or wherever and it renders into various chart types.

Thanks @SamA74 - I’ve looked at highcharts, but it’s quite expensive for what I’m doing. Also, the libraries are split into charts and maps, meaning I’d have to buy subscriptions to both services and run them separately, which isn’t ideal.

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