Best book to study PHP for newbie please?

Hello, I am just finishing up Javascript studies and wish to move on to PHP next and would very much appreciate if anyone could recommend the best book or online course for me please? I went through hell with Javascript studies so programming languages I realize will not be easy for me as for some people, HTML and CSS was relatively easy but not JS so I am looking for a PHP course which will be the best thing for ME.

I am looking at PHP for Dummies, is this the best course for me? Any opinion or advice will be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

The default answer here will be “Check out the SitePoint books! :D”

A course on programming logic would be optimal, based on what you said, but there are a varied number of PHP beginner books out there - the Teach Yourself ____ in 24 Hours series by Sams, the Dummies series, the Beginners series… it all depends on how you learn best.

My class is using a book called: Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MYSQL; By: Kevin Yank 4th Ed.

Seems to be ok…

I’d second tappiocca’s suggestion of Kevin Yank’s book, but I’d also recommend the sitepoint course he ran called PHP Live (on PHP and My SQL), which actually works through the same lesson structure as the book, so having them both is actually really good.

The course is now available on their new learning website “Learnable” at this link:

I have written to the Learnable course people to ask some questions and this is ‘video’ lessons, I am am not sure how I will cope with this, that’s the only thing that concerns me.

The course is a mixture of video clips (of Kevin talking to camera working through the code on screen), articles which you read and then there’s a before and after code archive for you to download at the start of each lesson. In the before folder are the basic files you’ll be using in the lesson, and as you work through the examples shown in the videos and articles you edit those files till they do what they’re supposed to. And the after folder contains the completed files which act as a back up with the correct answers should you get stuck.

I personally really liked the videos, as you get to see what Kevin’s doing on screen as he types out the code, and he explains each bit as he’s going along. I think you get a little bit more insight with a video than a chapter in a book - the videos of Kevin actually working through the examples just made it seem much less complicated to me, but then again, I’ve always preferred to learn by watching how something is done than just reading the theory behind it!

ok, this sounds like you would have a virtual teacher assisting you with the coding, sounds GREAT!! I will definitely do this, come to think of it, this will benefit you guys here too because then I won’t have to bother you guys all that much :slight_smile: thank you very much for info and see you guys in the php forum soon or hope that I won’t have to :)!

Build your own database website … by sitepoint is highly recommended by yours truly I have just finished it, and am already successfully creating sites and utilities for my day job.

I have a site already but don’t know anything about “database”

very good you want to learn PHP. i saw 80% websites develop in php. so php is good for future. i recommend a book “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MYSQL; By: Kevin Yank 4th Ed” its a good book for php beginners.

Yeah, I highly suggest this book. It’s how I learned PHP years ago. It’s still great!
Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL, 4th Edition - SitePoint Books

Do any of you guys know if this course is still available? I had written to them since early last week, got an automated suppose ticket but so far no response?

My PHP Web Databases class is using PHP & MYSQL by Larry Ullman. Good books so far. But I was required to take a programming logic class first. We went over variables, loops, arrays, functions. If you understand what everything in the last sentence is, you should be ok.

Sure it is still available. It’s there premanently. Just register. :slight_smile:

Be aware that it is based on the Build your own database driven website book by Kevin mentioned above. A new version of that book has just emerged (in PDF only at this stage, but printed book coming out soon).

Another good starter book that I’m using right now is PHP Solutions.