"Best" book on PHP?

I’m fairly familiar with PHP, I’d consider myself high beginner or low intermediate level. I’m finding that so many places are using PHP that I’d like to learn a bit more to evaluate the language compared to what else is out there. I’ve got a book on Python that I’m reading through, and I’d like a similar book on PHP.

Can anyone recommend a good book?

Thanks Encrypted. I had someone else recommend one of the Visual QuickPro books too. Not this one, but a more general one. I’ll take your recommendation and probably grab it this week.

Try PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide or Professional PHP5 (Programmer to Programmer). I read the first of the two and it’s pretty solid.

Does this give a good overview of the language, or is it specific to the items listed in the title? I’d prefer something that provides a good overview of the language, with drill-down into specifics where necessary.

<php objects, patterns and practice>