Best Backup Software - Backup To Server?

Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me what the best backup software is for me to use that allows me to backup my files and store them on my server?

Can you let me know if its free or if i have to pay for the software too.

Any help would be great.


Some hosting accounts have this feature by default. For example, if your hosting account has CPanel, you can do that right from your own control panel.

Dropbox could be used for that but you only get 2GB free, although it is not very expensive. There are others but this is the one it comes to mind right now.

Isn’t this an invitation to get your data hacked?

This is an internal data transfer. There is many shareware available.

Seems like keeping your data on a webserver wouldn’t be too smart if you value the security of the data.

You know what they say…hackers can get in to anything these days!

I hope this will help you…
thanks in advance