Best approach content area with shadow

Hi All,

I am looking for some recommendations of how to best approach the css coding of a content area with black drop shadow. I have attached a screenshot.

the way I did this before was:

3 divs and 3 graphics
1.) the top div is one big graphic that covers the top … about 20px tall and the width of the content area.
2.) the middle div should have a min height but be able to grow if more content is in there. I’d use a 1px tall graphic that has the width of the content area and does: repeat-y.
3.) same as the top one just for the bottom.

Is this still a good approach or is there something new that I dont know. Some js or newer css approach for this kind of layout?

not looking for code here, just how to best approach this.

thank you.

Aside from css3 there is nothing new. Yours adjusts for height. This one adjusts for varable height and width. may be overkill for you though as you probably know your width.

very cool. thanks for the info and thanks for the tutorial. very handy