Best Alexa ranked Article directory list

Hi guys, I collected a long list of article directories but I need to prioritize and first focus on those that are the most effective.

Could you please point to top 20-50 directories worth submitting to?

What is more important to take into consideration - Google PR for the directory or Alexa raking (or they reflect the same)? Could you please clarify?

i also only 25+ vistor in statcounter,but my blog have 100+ comments per day
i am using wordpress
i am newbie

Google Knoll is my favorite.

thank you, guys

I guess it is better to submit the articles to as many directories as possible, regardless of their PR of Alexa ranks because nowadays the links gained from article submission may not be that powerful in terms of SEO but some decent traffic shares could be generated and naturally more sources would offer greater visibility.

I can’t point you in the direction of the top 20 directory websites because most of them are just a waste of time.

However, since you asked about PageRank and Alexa ranking I’ll explain both so you can make your own decisions.

PageRank in the most simplistic terms is how many other websites are linking to that particular page (not website) and the related value of those links. So if you get a link from a PR 10 website and the content is related to yours it will be worth much more to you than 50 links from PR 2 websites.

Alexa rank is based on the amount of traffic, not links.

If you’re looking for help boost your search engine rankings then you’ll want to find pages to link to you that carry high PageRank but are also related to your content. I can’t stress the content variable enough. If it’s not related then it’s not going to do you very much good.

If you’re looking to boost the actual number of human visitors to your website then look for the Alexa ranking as this will tell you where lots of people are going.

I could not agree more on ALL aspects. I too believe that the majority of article directories are a waste of time, especially those that have automatic approval. This is not to say I do not use them and that you should not use them, you can and you should, just that you can not measure the effect of a directory based on the directory itself. I have seen GREAT articles, which have been indexed and ranked very well in SERPS that are not in a very well known directories. On that same note I have seen articles that are complete junk from directories that happen to be very popular. One of those is GoArticles. They have automatic approval and in my PERSONAL experience that leaves much to be desired with regards to the quality being submitted.

I also emphasize the importance of content quality. This is not only true for your articles and your on-page content, but it should be true as well for the sites you are hoping to link to. Quality will ALWAYS supersede quantity.

I would also like to say that use all channels for promotion does not rely more in one channels well I think page rank is most important as per Google if you use any source in SEO.

Hey friends,

If you are looking for more traffic then I would suggest you to go for alexa ranking and if you want backlinks also then go for high PR lists.



Submit Directory in PR3. This would really give you benefit for alexa ranking.

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I think, you should consider Google PR. You can try those directories, directories generating a one way back link they will improve a good amount of backlink so you can get traffic.
Alexa ranking is basically depends on alexa toolbar if user visit your site and alexa toolbar installed in system then it counts otherwise its not count