Best 800 Call Tracking Service

Does anyone have any experience with using 800 call tracking services along with their websites?

I have a client that will want this, and I should probably be offering it to everyone.

Interestingly, I was trying to find someone on google, and there are a ton of people advertising this service with adwords, but the calls all go to voice mail; doesn’t seem like a responsible company that doesn’t even answer their own phone while they are paying for the calls to come in…

So, i am looking for a good company and a good value. Any ideas sitepointers?

What do you want?

A call tracking service that would allow for affiliates to be credited for sales?
A 800 forwarding service?

I am looking for both 800 and local numbers that forward to a business’s main telephone line, but with tracking installed, so that the client and myself can log in to an admin section and see which web properties or promotional campaigns are generating the inbound calls.

Integration with google analytics would make it even easier (ifbyphone looks pretty good in that regard)…

It should be scalable so that new campaigns or landing pages could be tested by adding numbers to existing accounts.

So did you find any service that does this? Honestly I never heard of such 800 tracking service. All I know is 800 number forwarding service where all the calls to that 800 number will forwarded to any number of your choice.

Ring Central is a good company for doing this on a smaller scale with vanity redirect numbers. If you’re looking for really high (enterprise) volume your switch should have reporting, or your telco should be able to provide it directly.