Best 3rd Party eCommerce Solution (Payment Processing/SSL/Hosting)?

My client is looking for a quick eCommerce solution from a 3rd party that can be up and running within a day or two.

They are selling 4 VIP ticket options to an event.

Their current solution is a 3rd party company that hosts the eCommerce portion of my client’s site. This 3rd party takes care of SSL, shopping cart, payment processing, and everything else.

What other companies provide similar services?

Any other input you can provide about these companies would be appreciated.


There are lots and lots of solutions for this sort of thing, from quite complex to very simple. If you are looking for something simple and quick, without the hassles of gateways and merchant accounts, there’s PayPal of course, but one that I really like at the moment is Really simple, elegant, and easy to set up, without the hassles of the various middle men (except PayPal if you aren’t in the US).

Thanks for the advice! Paypal would be good but then there is some custom programming and setting up of things. Paypal can be used for payments, but users shouldn’t be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.

Client needs a better solution quicker. Their current 3rd party solution does it all without client needing to do much of anything except provide info for each VIP ticket option and collect the money and user info from the 3rd party company when users make a purchase.

I’m looking for something like that where we can get everything up and running within a day or two.

It appears that is only for digital products. We’re selling tickets and thus no product is uploaded/downloaded, so I don’t know how that would work out.

You can sell anything via Gumroad, I believe.

I’m poking around more and finding that this may work for us.

Does anybody else have any similar solutions like

Hey there,

It sounds to me like you’re looking for a full blown third party eCommerce provider. The two I have no problem recommending to friends and clients are Shopify and BigCommerce. Shopify is what I would typically recommend, but they’re both great. Both include everything…shopping cart, SSL, hosting, design templates and a LOT more. You can be up and running in a day or two if that’s what you need to do.