Benefits of using a self hosted email marketing software vs hosted

Hi, just new here :wink:

I’m doing some market research on the different types of email marketing software available and have come to the conclusion that there are two options I could take. One, I can either sign up with a reputable company such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp and pay per month / per usage, or I can just purchase the license to a software such as <snip> or Interspire and have unlimited access.

Now, I know that a hosted service would be easy to set up, but what are the implications of cost? It can get very expensive to send out large amounts of emails. Also, thinking about other factors like IP reputation, I wouldn’t be able to manage the IP addresses I send out.

Now, with a self-hosted solution, I have control of everything. But the question is, I’ll need to find a server or hosting company with the capacity to scale.

I’ll likely be sending anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 emails.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?