Benefits of Posts vs. Pages

I am trying to get to understand the rationale behind Wordpress’ organization of entries. I know the difference of a WP post vs. WP page, as explained by WP Codex; that pages have sub pages, but not tags or categories and that they are best used for ‘satic’ content.

The term “static” is somewhat a misnomer as pages can allow comments, just as post do, and obviously you can edit their content at will. Generally and as far as data entry goes , I it seems pages are really nothing other than just “special” posts.Yes, in WP, a Page can have a template assigned to it and it has a specific order as opposed to being ordered by date but a similar effect can be easily accomplished using is_single()/ is_page().

When I think of a regular site’s page informational organization, I think of a document at contains one or more sections of information (you could consider each section a post, or even a short category sampling of posts) …

I suppose my question, simply stated, is when using the post/page organizational system to create a non-blog or regular site that includes a blog, what are the PRACTICAL advantages/ disadvantages of using only posts or only pages?

WP pages and posts are very same thing. Only difference i see is their uses on site structure.

Thats what i gather. I just dont understand , structure wise, when you can benefit from the use of one as opposed to the other…

This dates back to early WordPress, where you didn’t have WP can be a CMS!!! type people. I think

sums it up. Nowadays this is mute since you can make new post types and spec out a template on that type. I believe there used to or is a way to make a post-{ID}.php in your template directory.

I think there are a few differences not really mentioned. The use of categories and tags being automatically added is a nice feature I use to get the keywords internally linked throughout the site, especially on category pages.

Pages are for things like About, Contact, Site Map, Privacy Policy. They don’t belong in a category and they aren’t blog posts, they are stand alone pages.

There are no real advantages or disadvantages, its just how you like to use them.

The biggest difference for me has been the ability to associate posts with pages. (with a plugin) The posts constantly move but the pages stay fixed. So what i have been able to do is put a page that is a specific topic with it’s description that stays at the top then the posts that belong to that topic go to that page specifically. I have a menu with the page names which is exactly what I need for my site.

With pages you also have the flexibility of using custom templates … apart from that, there’s not too much difference.

There are several differences, how the posts or pages are categorized is one main difference and how they are structure on the site. But overall it’s wordpress formatting and its just a way to add some additional variation to the wordpress application.