Benefit of Facebook fan page?

Can we get any revenue from facebook just like google adsense … If you have any idea please share…

Yes you can earn using Facebook fan page but for you require more followers and likes. There are several affiliate program on the web where they provides affiliate product link which you can share on your fanpage timeline so if someone buy by following this link then you can earn commission. but for that you require good amount of followers as well a likes.

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The main advantage of fan page is to promote your website. In first step you have to create fan page and then get visitors through fan page likes.
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There are several ways you can use your FB fanpage in order to make some profit.

  1. You can share affiliate products which are related to the niche of your Faceboon fan page. For example you can try selling guitars to your rock n roll FB page.

  2. The way most people do it - they just advertise their own website, and they create catchy posts so that people click on it.

  3. If your fanpage is big enough you can sell advertising posts. Ive seen some page posts selling for as much as $40-50 per piece. Ofc this is for pretty large pages ~700-750k+ with much social activity (high # talking about this)

facebook fans page is just like our Blog / website, it’s specialize for US to present / publish our specific interest to our friends and help us to connected with other people who has same interest. FB fans page can help us to make MONEY, but it’t not Like google adsense. GA (google adsense) is Publisher network, FB fans page is just like our Website / blog. Simply it a Micro BLOG. If you get LIKE on your Page from many people, it’s just like YOU GET SUBSCRIBER using Email / newslatter. So if ther’s some one said “Money On The LIST” FB fans page do it as same thing, but it’s a LIKE. <snip/> . hope this help you. thx

Yes but 2 trick you have any blog with adsense so ganerate likes on facebook and share daily link of your with in your page and all fans of your page visit on your site and you can earn easily.

yes… you can get benefits from FB fan page, we can increase followers from our FB fan page and also we can promote our business through this. This FB fan page can help us to earn money.

There is no direct way to get money from Facebook fan page but you can earn money from here buy selling Fan pages or using your fan pages as traffic source for your websites. Indirectly it’s helping you to earn money from Google Adsense

Yes I think you can also earn money by Facebook page like Google blog & other Sites But it,s not sure, if anybody buy your page for traffic source & visitors, but Facebook page do,t have any direct way for earn money like Google. if you have Facebook popular page you can use for promote your web site, it,s not dive you direct money but its can save your money. if anybody have best idea for that please share.
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Once your page reach many likes (50k or above) you can sell your page . You can do advertisement if you have many fans(likes). If you are creating page for your business then it will benefits more.

Marketing is all about where your customers are these days. You do not have a wish to be there or not. If your target audience is present in a particular platform which you ideally do not like, you still have to be there. And Facebook is considered to be one of the highest visited sites in present day. So, there’s a lot of potential for you to find customers. Hence, I firmly believe that Facebook these days is one such platform where you are sure of getting returns.

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Facebook, with 900+ million active users, is one of the most popular social networking website. Create a Facebook fan page, you are help your probable reader, customer, clients to attach with you

Yes you can earn using Facebook fan page but for you require more followers and likes. and also you done marketing in your business.

One of the main advantage of a Facebook Page is that it has way more authority in Google than your money site does. You can take advantage of this authority by naming the page after one of your targeted keywords (both the Title Tag and the URL), and then ranking your well branded page in the search engines. Furthermore, you can own an “unlimited” number of Facebook pages. Therefore, you can target multiple keywords in your niche, and brand your cover images for your business.

Technically you can attract some traffic to your site fron FB. But it is not easy to provide there. Indirectly this traffic may affect SERP results of Google but it can take pretty much time (months).

According to Facebook, over 901 million people were active on the site as of March 2012. With a fan page, your business has unparalleled access to an ever-growing base of potential customers.

These Likes and Follower should be genuine and real or fake can help about this matter.

Look, pals. There`s a correlation between activity in your official page in FB and number of people who requests about you in Google. So promotion in social networks can indirectly effect your SERP position. Just recall it it when you think about Panda, Penguin or Tiger. Traffic attracted from FB or G+ is new SEO. Old SEO is dead. New one is based in unique viral content and social networks promotion.

Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users can view your Business or Fan page and you can use it to link to and from your company’s websites and newsletters and post updates, promotions, and announcements relating to your business. By consistently updating your pages you can keep your customers and fan base informed and remain relevant. When a user “Likes” or comments on your posts, that information is automatically posted to the user’s Facebook feed, updating their friends and in turn increasing your brand and online visibility.

Google adsense and facebook is different though you can earn ads through google in facebook you can earn by selling, promoting, advertising for others and etc. or maybe you can tell the people to go your page and click ads :stuck_out_tongue: