Benchtesting a site

How do you benchtest a test for performance and load handling that’s on shared hosting? I want to check for script and mysql efficiency.

To test the script efficience you can use ApacheBench (comes as part of the Apache web server).

To check if the queries are optimal take a look at EXPLAIN.

Also take a look at

If you want to test the efficiency of your scripts locally first, I’d recommend using Xdebug, and get access to the cacheGrind files. You’ll learn an awful lot before putting them on a live server.

Benchmarking on a shared server though, you are first and foremost at the mercy of the efficiency or lack of it of the other hundreds or thousands of websites on that server, you may get wildly different results depending on the type of traffic being generated.

Thats how I imagine anyway.

Thanks, honestly I’m trying to raise my game by looking for weaknesses in my code. I’ll check out these resources.