Being a Kick-*** Employee

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first, thank you for taking the time to share your experience.
i think i am doing fine in all the points you mention, but i am having big issues with following:
“Follow these principles and you’ll find you often end up in more management type roles seeing your responsibilities increase, along with your paycheck.”
the point is that i do NOT want to become a manager, but i can (and i do) clearly deal with responsibilities BUT my paycheck is stuck :frowning:
the main point is simply that i enjoy too much getting things done well, and i really do not want to have to be at charge of a bunch of people that go to the office just to get their paychecks and do not care about the job nor learning… it is just my sad experience…

Very informative post. I like the 'know where you are going" tip. We really should know where are we going otherwise we will get stuck somewhere.

mmoossen…the good thing about practicing these steps is that we have choices. If you don’t want to take a management role, than you are free not to accept the promotion. However, I have found that the best managers really do a good job in at least doing most of these things. And becoming a manager is the quickest way to increase your income. :slight_smile:

I tend to lean toward what you are saying in that I enjoy getting things done. What I learned though is that I can enjoy this same passion in a management role, because I learn how to make people more efficient in what they do. When I learn how to run a very efficient team, the amount my team can accomplish becomes much greater than what I can accomplish by myself!

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Title should be: Lick-Ass Employee!

Determine your employer’s fad e.g. ‘caravans’. He will not have the first idea about productivity or quality. Just talk endlessly, about ‘caravans’ and you will be promoted to ‘manager’.

Meanwhile your competent colleagues will be doing 500% of the work at 200% quality and still working as dishwashers to keep the wolf from the door!


I’d add attitude and hustle. You have to have a positive attitude in dealing with peers, customers, managers, and reports (those that you manage). You attitude comes across loud and clear in your communication, whether it’s e-mail, text or verbal. Despite its depiction in the media, those with a bad attitude, no matter how smart they are (House, for example), are not put in front of customers, urged to teach classes, promoted to leadership positions, or given the best assignments and raises in pay.

When I played baseball many years ago, my coaches always looked for hustle - those players who showed up on time ready to play, who ran on and off the field, who encouraged teammates whether they did well or poorly, and who stuck around after-wards to review their performance. That paradigm has served me well over the years in the business world and I’m certain has opened many doors that would have remained closed otherwise. Not that I did well with every opportunity, but I had more opportunities than many others because I was always hustling.


Those are great points! I have often been annoyed by people who seem to “casually” get work done, or who really don’t like their job and you can tell by their attitude. There is no problem in not liking job, but if you are going to keep your job and not get a different job, you should have a good attitude.