Being A DevOps Engineer

I’m Interested in DevOps.I’m trying to Learn it I asked Couple of friends where to start They said Start from Linux.What’s your Opinion?
And Which and all programming Language should i learn for it?
Can anyone give a detailed description?
Note:don’t worry I’m not starting from scratch.I’m a MCA graduate so i know some basics.

If you are trying to program a Linux application, then learn Python or Bash. Those 2 are heavily used within the Linux subsystem. If you are referring to making web pages. Learn HTML & CSS FIRST. So many people first start developing using server-side language and then fail to understand it. Some don’t even understand the basic functions and protocols.

My suggestion


That’s pretty much my suggestion.


Yup, that’s reasonable advice. Although you could also go the Microsoft route, if you preferred - it really depends on what sort of organization you want to work for (and which is most in demand in the city/area you want to work in).

There’s a nice chart that’ll give you a broad overview of some major DevOps skill areas here:


im in a tight schedule too within one and 1/2 month i have to learn this otherwise i’ll lose this opportunity

That is a very short time to learn a programming language. If you do not already have some general background knowledge about “how to program” that is going to be tough.


IMHO, crunching everything all at once won’t really help. Probably what I have said most likely won’t help since I am giving you my opinion on what I see on a dialy basis. People who start writing server-side when they first write their very very first web page, they usually tend to use outdated websites like w3schools and fall victim to not understanding the language itself, but have a need to get the code to work. This in turn wastes not just the people who are helping you’s time, but your own time as well. If you really want the job, I suggest asking the job what they work on. From there, you can determine to see if writing server-side language is a must. If the job only requires you to work on the Linux subsystem, there’s really no point learning web page languages. So learning Python or bash is an obvious answer.

i know basics , I can write a program in C,C++ and java. knows some basic HTML stuff too

TO -spaceshiptrooper
one scripting Language is mandatory.they have said learning Node JS is a good choice.But Python is easy choice i guess.

Node JS is a good one. I haven’t personally dipped my dirty fingers in it yet, but sooner or later, I’ll have to. If you are working on web pages, you should also learn Angular JS. Heard it is a good one as well as React JS. BUT Python is a good choice for running applications within the Linux subsystem. Same as Bash.

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Can you ask them what specific categories of knowledge they want you to be proficient in within 90 days? For instance, if you pick up a book on the programming code, you’ll see many chapters dividing up the knowledge. Which of those chapter headings do they want proficiency within 90 days?

That’s what my actual question.To Become a DevOps Engineer where to start?
and who said i have 90 days

I guess for some a month and a half is longer, for others shorter.
There sure is no shortage of devops tools

You have free reign to make your own decision?

Have you ever worked with a GitHub repo? If not I think that would be a good place to start.
And maybe a free (trial) Slack account.

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thanks guys for the help.its going well

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