Beginning Steps to Start-up a Social Network Site

A friend of mine has a good idea for a “social networking” type of site. He is not a programmer though, so he can’t start the project himself. He is afraid of the idea being stolen, if he hires a programmer.

I told him to get a lawyer of some kind first, so he can put his idea in writing and protect it. Do most people then try to get funding by investors?

I know this is a big question, but any advice would help - or even any websites that shows the steps people take to start this kind of venture.

Thanks in advance!

The hard part of projects is not have some really great idea (people have them all the time), but rather actually carrying out the idea.

For the most part, theft of peoples’ general ideas isn’t something that happens a whole lot, and for the most part they aren’t even legally protectable.

A much more common reason that good ideas don’t work out is that there is either someone else doing the same thing better or the idea has some yet unforeseen problem.