Beginning php,need good editor

i have just started learning php.
i need a good editor.
i want to have the following facilities in the editor.

  1. it should automatically put the closing brace when i type opening brace.
  2. it should have a white background color.
  3. ability to communicate with XAAMP

i really liked “CODEBLOCKS”.(Code::Blocks)
which i used to build C programs.
Can someone suggest something like that.
Neat and Effecient.

thank you.

Personally I use Notepad++ for my coding, but it doesnt fulfill your requirements (#1, specifically)

I’m not sure what you mean by “ability to communicate with XAAMP”. You mean the ability to run scripts from the editor?

yes.i want the scripts to run from editor.
but the most important facility i would like to have is the first point.
i keep forgetting the closing brace manytimes.
which makes things worse.

please tell me if you know an editor satisfying the first quality.

Oh. Actually i lie. Notepad++ can do #1 (googling an answer for your query has taught me something! Always a good day when you learn something new.)

It can do #3 as well (Needs a bit of tweaking in the settings to get it to run correctly), but without a plugin i’m fairly sure it’d only work on files in the root of XAMPP’s webpage directory…

how to achieve #1 using notepad++ .
because it does not put the closing brace when i type opening brace.
( i actually like notepad++ very much and i already have it installed on my laptop.)

TextFX -> TextFX Settings -> Autoclose {([Brace

but the option textfx is not available in the version i am using.
i use the version v5.9.1.
how to get it?

Open Plugin Manager. check the Installed tab, make sure you dont have “TextFX characters” installed. If you dont, go back to Available, scroll down and see if you can install it through there. If not, try Download Notepad++ Plugins from

yes.just as i found the solution you have answered.
thank you for the i have the editor satisfying my main need.
thanks once again.


See Zend Studio for a professional programming environment.