Beginners Guide to Adding FaceBook Share Link

I’d be grateful for some help please. I’ve been searching for answers but with no joy.

I currently have a website built in php which displays a range of activities. i.e. skiing, football, tennis etc…

A single php script is called with parameters being passed ($_GET variables) and the webpage it generates is built “on the fly” so it pulls in information for the activity requested and displays the appropriate information depending on the parameters supplied. (info being retreieved from a mysql database)

The url for each activity will be different as the page is parameter driven.


what i would like to do is provide a facebook share link which will not only create the link on the users facebook page but also show an appropriate image and comment.

Is there a simple way to force a default image to be used (depending on the activity chosen) and specific wording to be shown on the FB page rather than fb just grabbing any image from my page ?

If so, then I can have a default set of wording and pictures for skiing, another for football, another for tennis etc.

I realise this is probably a really basic question - but for the life of me i cannot see how to do it.

If anyone knows of a “beginners guide” to implementing fb share links which documents all available options then that would be wonderful as the offical facebook documentation does not seem very obvious in answering this question.

Many thanks.

The URL you’ll want to modify for Facebook will look something like this:

Creating a social sharing link for Facebook also works like other SMM platforms. Just change the last (red) part of the above URL to reflect the landing page you want your ebook readers to share. Then hyperlink what you want readers to click, either a Facebook icon or some text like this: Share on Facebook
After clicking on the link, users will be able to select who they want to share their Facebook update with, add a comment, and edit the description of the link.