Beginner with a lil problem

Someone help please

im using the book "Build your own website the right way using html and css"2nd edition. Im on page 65 where i am trying to link my simple web pages together with the index, contact and about us link, but my web browser cannot find the files but they are in the right place and they are exactly the way it is put in the book. I want to get it right first so i can learn from errors and then move on.

Thankyou to whoever reads this


I am having the same problem guys. I think it’s the location of the files. I am going to sit here and try to figure it out. I will let you know if I do. In the meantime, if anyone figures it out, let us know. :slight_smile:

Hi dandanf191, welcome to the forums,

When you say “can’t find the files” you mean the browser gives you a 404 Not Found error page?

Are you certain the spelling is exactly the same? CaSe maTteRs.

Thankyou for your advice i put them all in a folder and the picture that is apart of my web page still appears but still the link does not work. There is a “file not found” error that appears but it doesnt say 404. Its does say to check the capitilisation or other typing errors. It also says check to see if the file has been moved renamed or deleted.

Im using Windows 7 operating system does this matter and is there anything else i can do because im stuck now.

Could i copy and paste all the work and save it as a new file and delete the original?


Hi Dan:
Your problem sound similar to the one I encountered where I thought the directory path would guide the CSS to the files.

Try putting your files in a folder in the same directory with your HTML files that may help you solve your problem.

Hey Dan:

I just a novice, too. Maybe Shane or one of the other knowledgeable folks at Sitepoint can help you. My first response was the similarity to a problem I had…