Beginner-Why doesn't this work?

I can’t get any of my class or id’s to work. The h3 works fine.

Here is my CSS:

.hard {color: red;}

#simple {background-color: blue;}

#topic {font-weight: 500;}

h3 {background-color: green;}

Here is my html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	 <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css" />	 


  <h3 class=”hard”> Hi </h3>


  <p id=”topic”> Music </p>

  <p> Welcome  to  <span> Guitar-Gps </span> </p>

  <div id=”simple” class=”hard”> Beginner Lessons

         <h3> Chords </h3>

            <li>Open Position </li>
            <li> Barre Chords </li>

		<h3> Scales </h3>

            <li>Major </li>



Could it be that your attributes are enclosed in curly quotes, not straight ones?


Thanks, Sam! That was it.

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