Beginner Question - How Do I Make This?

I am very new to javascript/jquery, most of what I have learned has been on Codecademy but I haven’t actually created anything useful yet. How would I create a map locator tool that has a zip code search function? Basically I have about 200 locations. I would like the user to be able to type in their zip code, with the results showing them the closest locations to them. Seems simple, but I have no idea where to start? Any info/direction would be greatly appreciated.


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Personally, I would use Google Maps and a proximity search.
Here’s a tutorial:

In order to realise this you will need to geocode your zip codes into longitude/latitude coordinates, interact with the GoogleMaps API, parse and display the results, not to mention have a working knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
To me, this seems somewhat more complicated than you realise.

Here’s another link that might be useful:

Good Luck!

Great, thank you for the help. I know its not simple, which is why I said “seems” simple, doesn’t mean it is.