Beginner needs help implementing Accordion :)

Hi all,

Im new to Web design but i’m loving it. Lately i’ve been playing around with some Javascript accordion and stumbled upon There I got a program which makes an accordion for me that looks like this one:
So with this program i got an accordion as a .js file.

So my question is , how would I go about implementing this Accordion into a div tag or basically, how do i control it’s positioning on the site. This is probably a question with a simple answer, but i’m a beginner and i’m hoping that someone here could help me out.

I would appreciate any help I can get

Cheers :slight_smile:

The link u supplied renders the accordion in flash. You can adjust a div surrounding the flash movie.

3 things wrong with this.

  1. You can’t edit the flash movie unless you have a tool that edits flash
  2. You are forcing users to have Flash installed to be able to navigate your site
  3. Flash is BAD for SEO.

There are many javascript versions of accordions that would be much more efficient than using flash. I’ve used a couple for jQuery with good success.

My bad. I think I was looking at the wrong part of the page.

Positioning something like that is pretty much the same as positioning and element and uses the same rules and techniques.

What happens with tools like that is that you’re putting some bit of code into your site and it is using javascript to manipulate what is there.

So if it is a list or a set of nested divs or a combination of li and a tags (which should be obvious given the example code), you just go ahead and place that in your html and make sure it has the right class or id.

Cheers mate , i got it to work :smiley: