[Beginer] First Projects!

I just started my career as Web Developer, in other words, I’m at the beginning of the way.
I have some plans and I want to make them real but I have no idea What is the first step?what should I do? What’s the steps? and how to organize its tasks?
I hope that someone help me through this…

First and foremost you should learn how to do keyword research to find the better paid.

Step 2: Learn how to use WordPress very well.
Step 3: Learn what SEO is.

Thanks for your reply.
I have plan for my website, and I’m confused about how to start programming, designing and other tasks.

No need to learn programming. That’s why they invented Joomla, Wordpress, OS-commerce and pbpBB3.
As you do not have to learn programming three years.

But I don’t want to use those kind of Services, and I want to create ASP.Net based website and I have learnt ASP.NET, CSS, HTML.

Then I wish you that you have a lot of patience and a great career as programmer.

I love that you’re a very decided.

That’s probably why ehamid posted this thread in the .NET forum instead of elsewhere :wink:

Can you elaborate on your plan/idea?

General approach that I usually take is 1) identify the requirements of your plan/idea, 2) separate them into “must haves” and “nice to haves”, 3) identify any dependencies related to each requirement, 4) sort the items by dependencies; example: you may need the database setup prior to coding a specific task, 5) go through each requirement and break it down further into tasks, lastly 6) grab a requirement and program each task one by one.

The best way to learn is to have a project it mind to work towards. So you are already on the right track. As stated above. Plan your project, what you going to do. Then start by setting up a blank website based on some hello world tutorials and then add each piece you want as you go. Google problems or ask questions here if you get stuck and learn from that. And before you know it, you will have a working website as you wanted.

Good luck with your project. It will be hard work getting your head around certain things in the beginning, but it is fun