Become an SEM consultant?

I was wondering whats your opinion to become a PPC consultant, I have been running my affiliate website for quite a while now. And I have only used PPC in my marketing.

So I think I can help companies/website owners with there ppc campaigns, but the question is if there is a market for an ppc consultant?

I was thinking this way, small companies maybe are doing campaigns on there own and bigger companies have there own employees or outsource all the SEO/SEM/online marketing to another company.

So who would be my customer?

I would say that the first customers will be the hardest, but once you get going it will be worth it. You might want to start in your local area, and see if you can convince a couple of small businesses that you can get them more customers. Get a few started, and then you’ll start getting referrals. That is how it worked for me.

I agree with starting everything in your local area. One of the tricky parts there is convincing your potential clients the benefits they can get from hiring you to become their consultant. Having said that, and depends on your experience the actual earnings you get from your personal PPC campaign, I think it might really help to show them how far you have already gone and present it on numbers/figures. I hope you got my point.

Thanks guys, any more inputs?

You can also join in huge media companies as PPC consultant. I have seen numerous offers for PPC consultant. If you want to work as a freelance PPC consultant then its OK.