Beat My Pic ! [Digital Photography Edition]

I was on vacation this week and have had the joy of taking this amazing Sunset at a Hill station . It is one of the best picture’s I have taken so far .
So what’s yours ? … can you beat mine ?

Rules :

  1. Keep photoshop to the minimal . (ya I used it on this pic but not that much … ok ? )
  2. Try keeping pics under 250 kb , 300 max .
  3. It should be your own work . We all know about flickr and devian art :nono:

More details :
I didn’t take this with a professional camera , I used a not so expensive point and shoot . The picture had a lot of noise . I did use photoshop to increase exposure / contrast (which made the colors deeper) and to reduce noise . The sunset was kinda weird as there was fog , dark rainy clouds , smog and stuff . I am not a professional photographer , I’m just a casual hobbyist .Want to know anything else ask me (:

It is very impressive, but how about these? I’ve made about 20 but these 2 are the best ones.
No photoshop :wink:

Sorry I put 2, can’t pick a favorite.

Reformator & BrandingPro here is my addition no photoshop just my two dogs in the park across the road one early morning

Reformator I think I like the first one better some darker colours in the cloud gave a tempest feel about it (ancient fury).

Branding Pro nice clean up job