Batch watermarking with fireworks

Does anyone know how to batch watermark with macromedia fireworks (2004)? Is it possible? I can’t see any relevant options within the batch file part of the software…

Hi -
I think you make your own command,
which is saved like a javascript file, then
do: Run Command & enter path/parameters for it.

Good luck,

There is no watermark facility in fireworks, but you can fudge it by doing the following:

[list=1]Create a ‘watermark template’ - just a basic file with ‘sample sample sample’ all over it

[list=2]On your first image to watermark, import your watermark template and reduce its opacity to around 10%

[list=3]Export the image

[list=4]Go to your History Panel

[list=5]Highlight the Import, Opacity and Export steps

[list=6]Click on the options button in this panel and then click Save as Command

[list=7]Name the command something lik “watermark”

[list=8]Use this command in a batch process (File > Batch Process), selecting all files that need to be watermarked

EDIT: Ha ha, then go to step 1

Mmm i’ve not come across that before… i’ll give it a go! :slight_smile:

Nice one, that works. The only thing is it prompts me to name each export (original file), although it does save the watermarked version as well?? Tried various options, it always does this…

The instructions are 99% super: just don’t use the “export” part of the history when you save the command, and it will not prompt you any more.