Batch changing pages in Text Editor programs?

At the present time I just know Xhtml and Css. I’m using Bluefish as my text editor.

Within some text editors is there a way to create one page and then quickly batch create multiple different pages by, for example, changing just one element incrementally on each subsequent page?

Specifically, with the code below, can I, within a text editor, change only the red numbers incrementally in a given amount of pages.
Everything else on the page would stay the same but the number would change to 002 on the next page, then 003 on the next… and so on.

I would, from one page, make ten, one hundred, or whatever number pages with different numbers from one single html page. The numbers
represent part of the name of an image file so every page would have a different image.

<a href=“”><img src=“[COLOR=“#FF0000”]001[/COLOR].jpg”></a>